KZN Techno Hub Richards Bay

Techno Hubs are essential for bringing innovation, new technologies and economic growth to South Africa.

KZN Techno Hub Richards Bay at the RBIDZ

The Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone (RBIDZ), a business entity of the KwaZulu-Natal provincial government, is a world class, fully serviced industrial estate on the north eastern South African coast.

RBIDZ logoThis prime industrial business and trade hub attracts export-orientated investment in what is one of the leading Special Economic Zones. Linked to the international deep-water port of Richards Bay and with prime rail and road access, this Industrial Development Zone is indeed the portal to the world.

The RBIDZ is seeking investors to set up in the Techno Hub in the Richards Bay Development Zone so that the existing and upcoming generations of South Africans can benefit from new ideas and technologies that may change the world.  In addition, the Techno Hub will provide valuable insights and intellectual resources from which the other sectors such as renewable energy and marine industry situated in the RBIDZ can benefit immensely. As such, the RBIDZ has identified the development of techno parks as one of the priority sectors.

The provincial government is working closely with the GWI Group, the company responsible for driving the KZN Techno Hubs project and enabling its teams to deliver world class facilities.


Techno Hub facilities in the RBIDZ

The RBIDZ has allocated 5 hectares of land to the development of the Techno Hub which will be integrated within the industrial development complex. Outlets will be utilised by the other sectors and surrounding industries in Richards Bay. It is envisaged that the Techno Hub will consist of demarcated zones focused on research, engineering, technology and education. The advantages of the Techno Hub in the region are:

  • A platform to integrate innovation, research and economic development

  • The increase of research output for the region

Techno Hubs are attractive to the young generation who may explore, practice and test innovative ideas that will benefit the region and the world. 

The RBIDZ is working with various parties and institutions in the development of a marine/maritime skills centre and a renewable and green energy research centre within the Techno Hub.